Why should I have a Will ?

A Will gives you control over who inherits your property in the event of your death.


By deciding to write a Will you're ensuring that the value of your estate (ie. your wealth) is passed onto the people you want it to go too.


The alternative is to die without a Will (which is legaly referred to as Intestacy) in which case your estate will be split up by Court appointed Administrators and your hard won cash (proceeds of property sales, shares, bank accounts, etc etc) will be sent in the directions they want it sent.


By creating a Will you ensure that not only is your estate split up according to your wishes but that any of your dependant children are looked after by a designated guardian of your choosing.


It gets complicated without a Will. 


If you're married or in a civil partnership.... then both people should make a will. You would usually name your spouse as the main beneficiary and make alternative plans in case they pass on before you.


If you're not married but living with someone, and this is the important bit, want them to benefit after your death.... it's particularly important to make a Will.


Otherwise if you cease breathing, without a WiIl in place, your partner would receive nothing.



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