Welcome to Legal Brokers Ltd

You could say we're an interesting company in that we provide an array of services to both the general public and the wider legal and property market.


Those services include;


  • Offer the general public the services of Conveyancing Solicitors
  • Support Law firms with Legal Recruitment and Fee Sharers
  • Help Law Firms Buy, Sell & Merge
  • Provide SEO, Website Design and Pay Per Click Management
  • Generate Property Searches (Personal and Official Conveyancing Searches)
  • Offer a Case Management package, which is free in certain instances
  • Provide Conveyancing Indemnity Insurance quotes
  • Extending our brand as a Franchise model to individuals


If you're a law firm looking for conveyancing leads, or cases, we can provide both. We set the minimum fees for the transactions, but you can, of course, charge more. Over the years we've generated half a million conveyancing quotes and are experts in lead generation. 


For conveyancing firms we will provide our case management software for free in order to pick up search instructions. We're COPSO registered and have carried out 150,000 or so searches, so we know what we're doing.


As you'll have noticed from the list above we're a multi talented business that aims to support both the legal profession and estate agents and mortgage brokers.


If you'd like to discuss advertising on www.NationalSolicitors.com, or buying & selling a law firm, fee sharing, obtaining PII quotes, recruitment or legal franchise opportunities please grab a phone and call 0345 603 0708 or email marketing@legalbrokers.com. 


Regards & thanks.



Jon Hilton

Marketing Director

Legal Brokers Ltd






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We use this section as a way to update people on subjects such as our conveyancing solicitors, conveyancing quotes, PPI and general legal areas.


10.09.07... Home Information Packs now required for 3 bedroom properties...


27.09.07... HIP's offered by our existing Conveyancing solicitors through our Quotes system.


24.10.07... Legal Brokers Ltd start to roll out White Label HIP's to Estate Agents.


27.11.07... Sam Archibald heads up the Home Information Pack (HIPS) team.


16.12.07... The Sunday Express reviewed our HIPs solution & gave us a very good review. Please let us know if you'd like a copy !


01.05.08... Joanne Pearce joins LBL as HIPs administrator and conveyancing support assistant.


01.05.08... Katy Daynes joins the Home Information Packs team.


01.05.08... Stephen Rose joins the HIPs team.


01.07.08... Emilie Fanara & Matt Hague join the HIPs team.


01.08.08... Jon Hilton begins a series of Articles, for EAFocus Magazine, discussing HIPs.


01.09.08... Article 2 in the EAFocus Magazine HIPs series.


01.09.08... Matthew Hague joins the HIPs team.


01.10.08... Article 3 in the EAFocus Magazine HIPs series.


01.11.08... To follow up our membership of the HIPcode we've joined AHIPP, too.


01.11.08... Article 4 in the EAFocus Magazine HIPs Series.


01.12.08... Article 5 in the EAFocus Magazine HIPs Series.


10.12.08... We were asked to comment, by the Estate Agency Times, on Margaret Becketts tweaks to the HIP regulations.


12.12.08... Further insight into Margaret Beckett's way of thinking.


12.12.08... regretably Sam decides to leave and can't be coaxed back. Good luck, spud.


08.01.09... Comment on the days Interest rate cuts.


28.01.09... Increased requests for property solicitors during January.


04.02.09... Beware the idiot . Our Director is training for the UK's Ironman event. Sponsorship would be great....


06.02.09... Interest rates cut to 1%


12.08.09... Jon completes the IronMan event... and spends the next 3 days on the loo as a consequence of his 15 hour, self inflicted, pain fest.


01.09.09... Nikki Ridehalgh joins as Sales Manager..


23.12.09... The Law Society / SRA close down one of our biggest clients... Not a good day to be a supplier of Searches.


20.05.10... HIPs were cancelled by the coalition Government... If you're gazumped in the future, having spent money on unnecessary searches, you might want to contact Mr Cameron and let him know the "old" system we've reverted too.... hasn't helped you !


09.07.10... LBL gains Ministry of Justice approval to, "provide regulated claims management services". 


08.08.10... April Shepley joins us to work on our Payment Protection Insurance claims.


18.01.11... Early Day Motion to be submitted by David Crausby MP to the House of Commons in an effort to reform the way the Law Society / SRA deal with the debts of the solicitors firms they close down... Fun and games.


21.03.11... Mailshot to the legal profession. Specifically regarding buying and selling legal practices, conveyancing referrals and franchising. www.legalbrokers.co.uk/march-2011-mailshot/index.htm


01.04.11... April Shepley leaves us to return to the US & Emilie Fanara (who left us a year before) rejoins to work on PPI. Very clever lady.


01.06.11... Zoe Davies joins us to help develop our Personal Injury department.


23.06.11... Mailshot to the legal profession. Specifically regarding a Law Firm for sale, PI & Franchising. www.legalbrokers.co.uk/2nd-half-june-2011-mailshot/index.htm


28.06.11... Mailshot to the legal profession. Opportunity in the northwest for two personal injury lawyers to become partners in a new firm. www.legalbrokers.co.uk/28th-june-2011-mailshot/index.htm


09.09.11... The Government has announced plans, today, to do away with referral fees in the Personal Injury market. Interesting times !  


11.10.11... Mailshot to the legal profession. Greenwich solicitors firm for sale and general law branding proposition. www.legalbrokers.co.uk/11th-october-2011-mailshot/index.htm


17.11.11... Mailshot to solicitors. Manchester solicitor looking to acquire PI firms. Plus National Law, project.www.legalbrokers.co.uk/17th-november-2011-mailshot/index.htm


19.01.11... Mailshot to solicitors regards National Law & Quality Solicitors. Seems to have generated a certain amount of interest !



31.01.12... Quality Solicitors mailshot.  www.legalbrokers.co.uk/31st-january-2012-quality-solicitors-mailshot/index.htm


14.02.11... Follow up National Solicitors email.  www.legalbrokers.co.uk/14th-february-2012-quality-solicitors/index.htm


01.03.12... National Solicitors email. www.legalbrokers.co.uk/1st-march-2012-mailshot/index.htm


23.03.12... Quality Solicitors starting National Advertising. www.legalbrokers.co.uk/23rd-march-2012-mailshot/index.htm   


30.05.12... National Solicitors & New law firm for sale. Mailshot. www.legalbrokers.co.uk/30th-may-2012-mailshot/index.htm


28.06.12... National Solicitors & Legal Brokers. www.legalbrokers.co.uk/30th-june-2012/index.htm.


28.02.14... After a break from writing up news items (apologies) we're very pleased to announce that Nick Parker is working with us to promote both "Law Firm Sales" and "Fee Sharing"


28.07.14... Legal Brokers Compliance. We're pleased to announce that a lady called Sangeet Kaur is working with us to promote Compliance Services (COLP & COFA) and Recruitment to lawyers.


10.02.21... Admittedly it's been a while since the last update... We've subsequently beefed up our conveyancing quotes mechanism, further developed our Property Searches platform, and most recently added Conveyancing Insurance to our ever growing list of products. 






‚ÄčThe fact of the matter is that conveyancing is a complicated procedure but it's not rocket science. In the first instance the solicitor's name has to be passed over to the Estate Agent and they then generate the Memorandum Of Sale. This piece of paper is sent to both solicitors & they then write to each other to begin the process in earnest. Contracts are then sent out and the fundamentals of the conveyancing transaction begins. There are various procedures to go through, on a step by step basis, that subsequently take a prospective client from placing an offer to actual Completion of the conveyancing process. It isn't easy and, especially for Leasehold transactions, there can be complications along the way but we're here to help. We'll contact the solicitor, on your behalf, if there's a problem and try to resolve any problems as they occur. Conveyancing is our business and we'll help when needed.


Property Searches

As a firm we are registered with COPSO, carry £2million in indemnity insurance, and have generated in excess of 100,000 property searches. We have API links with the Coal Authority, the Land Registry, Groundsure, and Stewart Title. Depending upon the needs of our law firm clients we will generate bespoke bundles in order to fulfill your conveyancing searches needs. In addition to personal searches we can also supply Official Local Authority searches and our system will provide pricing across all English and Welsh local authorities. 


Solicitors Fees

Trying to establish the exact solicitors fees you're being charged isn't always easy – generally speaking it can be a nightmare. Because solicitors will sometimes go out of their way to confuse the issue we have established the disbursements necessary for each transaction and we state them clearly on the website. In this way you can be assured that there are no hidden solicitors fees or additional extra's which you'll subsequently be charged. You may find it useful, when comparing quotes, to use our figures as a template. With this in mind you'll find that the solicitors fees you'll see on our site are both a genuine and reliable guide to the cost of your conveyancing.


Legal Franchise Opportunities

As part of our growth plan we're looking to work with proactive individuals who are interested in a searches or legal services franchise. We specialise in, amongst others, local authority, personal, drainage, enviro & coal searches. If your currently involved in the Legal profession and are looking to spread your wings by developing your own legal franchise and are looking for opportunities we're ideally placed to help. Additionally apart from simply offering you a Searches Franchise we can also offer a range of ancilliary products for you to sell within your territory. Marketing conveyancing solicitors to estate agents, offer Wills, the services of Divorce Lawyers, Legal Documentation and even the selling of solicitors practices themselves. By the nature of our name a Legal Franchise with ourselves should, as long as you have the get up & go, be a profitable venture.


Buy or Sell a Law Firm

If you're interested in buying, selling or merging a law firm please let us know and we'll list your firm. We don't always display the solicitors firms we deal with, for confidentiality reasons, hence it might be worthwhile to contact us in order to check out the different law firms we're acting for. 



Providing a range of different services we are a multi-faceted business that can assist with online marketing, organic Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click advertising, Legal Recruitment, Property Searches, White Label Conveyancing, Franchising, Law firm sales, Fee Sharing and providing PII quotes.