Sell a Law Firm

Are you looking to sell a law firm in England & Wales and looking for a valuation ?


If you are a Partner in a solicitors practice and are considering an exit strategy we can help with both putting a valuation on the law firm and subsequently marketing it.


According to the Gazette there are 9,000 firms, of less than 5 Partners, where the Equity owners of the business are nearing 60 years old. That age starts to make a person contemplate succession planning and that's where we can help. 


From a cost perspective, we'll negotiate a fee to visit your premises, assess the assets, and run through the firms accounts to put a valuation on the business.


Ultimately any business is only worth what another person, or entity, is prepared to pay. And that becomes a matter for yourself to decide how long you want the process to take. ie. are you looking for a quick sale or prepared to take your time to tie up the best possible deal ?


In general terms a buyer may fall into various categories:


  • A similar law firm looking to remove a competitor. 
  • A firm looking to gain a geographic footing.
  • A buyer who maybe attracted by an existing firms mechanism to generate new business (Online, Business Development Staff, etc).
  • Those perceiving merit in the brand and perceived "goodwill" of a law firm.
  • Firms looking to buy into existing Contractual arrangements.
  • A firm looking to "bolt on" an additional service. ie. Conveyancing, Probate, Litigation, Immigration, etc. 
  • Outside investors 


From our perspective, we have a steady stream of purchasers who are looking to invest and as such we are actively looking for more law firms looking to sell.


In it's simplest form we charge £500 + VAT to initially list, and sell a law firm. There is a success fee on the completion of a deal.


If you would like a preliminary conversation with regards to both valuing and selling a firm or would be interested in listing your Practice with ourselves please contact us via 0345 603 0708 and ask for Jon or Nick. Alternatively, you can email 



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