Conveyancing Searches Providers

As a specialist property searches firm we cut our teeth generating conveyancing leads and that ultimately led to conveyancing searches. As matters stand we've carried out circa 26,000 conveyancing search bundles. If you took an overview on the number of searches we've ran through our systems you'd be looking at over a hundred thousand or so.


The search bundles typically consist of Personal Searches but we also supply Official Local Authority Searches, too. Regardless of which product you require we can build bundles specific to your needs.  Generally a conveyancing bundle will consist of;


  • Personal Local Authority Search

  • Environmental Search

  • Water and Drainage Search (either personal or official)

  • Chancel Search or Insurance


As you would expect we're members of COPSO and carry £2million pounds of Indemnity insurance.


We also have API links with Groundsure and the Coal Authority to ensure that search orders are both ordered immediately and uploaded to your account without any pesky human based delays. ie. it's an automated system.  Our searches system also links in with the Land Registry and you'll be able to see an overview of the area to be searched.


Additionally we're able to provide free Conveyancing Quotes software, courtesy of the SRA Transparency requirements, to those law firms we work with. And in return for Conveyancing searches we'll provide our Case Management software for free. On the quotes system, that can link in with your introducers websites and they can effectively provide conveyancing quotes on your behalf. 


Furthermore if you extend the quotes mechanism to your estate agency clients they'll be able to bundle their house selling fees into the conveyancing quotation. And if you used the case management system your introducers could get an overview of their own conveyancing cases. 


We can also provide Indemnity Insurances courtesy of our API with Stewart Title. This system generates instant quotes and emails out both the invoice and either draft policies or the official policy. It's all very simple.  


In the majority of cases we send Conveyancing Instructions to those property firms who are good enough to send conveyancing searches to ourselves.


To discuss matters in greater detail please call 0345 603 0708 or email



Jon Hilton

Conveyancing Searches Providers

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