Property Searches Franchise

Are you considering the merits of a Property Searches Franchise ?


We can provide a full services package to help you develop a business around Conveyancing Searches and the needs of solicitors and licenced conveyancers.


As a white collar business you can easily work from home or adopt your own premises. Plus depending upon your income requirements you'll set the levels of income you're looking to earn.


From a logistics perspective you'll need internet access, a broadband phone line and transport. Ideally you'll have experience of the conveyancing & property market but we'll provide training and ongoing support.

From an income perspective using our Property Searches Franchise as an example, 3 orders per day will generate in excess of £4,000 per month. Three or four reasonably sized law firms should generate these numbers for you.


The more clients you have the greater your turnover will become. You'll need to assess what represents the best work life balance for your individual circumstances.


Depending upon your location in the country we can also provide our own instructions to you. ie. work we'd ordinarily provide to third party firms we'd send to yourself. The value of this income could range from a couple of hundred pounds to thousands per month.

Franchising isn't for everyone. You'll need to be a people person and be prepared to work hard. No doubt you'll have annoying and frustrating days but that's part of growing and developing a successful business. It's worthwhile, though, because of the freedom it ultimately offers. 

A friendly voice on the end of the phone, plus regular meetings, can be a priceless part of working towards your financial independence.


In summary a Searches Franchise via Legal Brokers offers; 


  • Freedom with your time. 
  • A better work / life balance.
  • The opportunity to earn as much or as little as you'd like (depending upon your objectives).
  • Work from home.

For further details, and a chat, please contact us on 0345 603 0708 or to move the conversation along. 


Jon Hilton

Legal Brokers Ltd
Property Searches Franchise

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