What is Title Insurance ?


Title Insurance, Indemnity Insurance and Conveyancing Title Insurance are essentially the same thing. 


In its simplest form Title Insurance is aimed at smoothing through conveyancing transactions in the event there is a problem that otherwise can not be resolved through an existing paperwork trail.


The Indemnity insurance will be useful during the conveyancing transaction, specifically helping to remove barriers to the property transaction completion courtesy of problems with the building, the title, or deeds to the property.


The policy itself insures the buyer and the mortgage lender and is generally paid for by the seller of the property. The cost itself is a single, one-off, cost that applies for the life of the property. 


We are an established name in the property industry and have been for over 10 years now providing conveyancing title insurance at the touch of a button, with immediate cover available.


Our low-cost online title indemnity policies ensure that our clients are covered with minimal fuss and outlay. Our online portal allows you to keep track of all policies and invoicing.


Your conveyancing solicitor will be able to order a Title Insurance policy by;


1. Logging in and selecting the appropriate Title Insurance Quote

2. Confirming the Commencement Date for the Indemnity policy

3. Paying the Premium


The Indemnity Quote and Specimen Policy will be available to download immediately and your solicitor can review previous quotes and back-date policies by up to 30 days. Bespoke policies can be requested to provide the cover that you require.


With over 100 policies to cover all necessary title defectives and property risks, including Japanese Knotweed, Chancel Repair, Failed Environmental Report, Freehold Rent Charge, FENSA and other installation certificates, Lack of Building Regulation Consent, Forfeiture of Lease,  and the capability of providing bespoke policies upon request, we have all risks covered for the property industry.


In addition, we have also worked with underwriters to provide a specific bespoke policy for lack of a CON29DW – so you can keep people moving even if the water authority is closed, with cover from just £30.00.


Contact us for further details by simply emailing marketing@legalbrokers.com or calling 0345 603 0708. We will be happy to arrange a login to our portal to see how easy it is to use.


For any immediate requirements, simply email the property details, value and type of policy to indemnities@legalbrokers.com and we will be in contact.



Title Insurance

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