Conveyancing recommendations

Listed below are a few of the nice comments folk have been kind enough to send our way over the years. I'm always a tad suspicicious if I read a testimonial or recommendation, on other websites, that seem too good to be true. ie. ours are just quick one liners cut & pasted from the emails we've received.


We used to print off complimentary emails and put them in large glass frames on the wall. We've got 4 of them (about a meter long each and 600mm deep) stuffed with comments from happy clients going back to 2008.


If the reader (client or lawyer) is ever in the Bury area you're welcome to call by and read them.

Jon Hilton


The responses were timely and having chosen the quote I was quickly put in touch with the lawyers through an independent panel. All going ahead nicely. Thank you


October 2017

Fast and efficient service. Mia was very helpful finding me a suitable solicitor for my needs and providing a fast and competitive quote.


September 2017


Great results within minutes. Great deal too!


August 2017


Having used and attempted to use conveyancing 4 times, I've learned that it seems to be bread and butter work that isnt always undertaken efficiently or professionally. I went with these brokers because on speaking to Mia beforehand she put me at ease that she would ensure an oversight of the service so that its done efficiently and properly, and I'd receive a good level of service. She's been true to her word! when one conveyancer allowed a dodgy member of staff loose on my account she acted immediately and got another one allocated, called my estate agent and got the information out within 40 minutes. She always answers her phone and reacts to emails. I also had an email from the Director Jon to assure me aswell. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this firm, they have an excellent attitude to giving a high level of service in this part of house purchasing... which is rare

December 2016


I have just accepted an offer on my property and put a deposit down on a new build. I was absolutely dreading the prospect of finding a decent solicitor/conveyancer - where to start! I came across Legal Brokers Limited and the whole process was so simple. The came up with the best quote, broken down to the penny and they explained the whole process really well when I called them. They allocated me a solicitor who started work immediately on my case. I am very happy and would definitely recommend using them.


July 2015 (this was an independent review via the Feefo platform, which was nice).


Thank you for all your help. Liz


March 2015 (we had to switch their lawyer to speed things up. Not an extensive endorsement but the thought was nice).

Dear Paul....... (there were a couple of extra paragraphs & then).. The most impressive point I came across was that Claire would reply almost immediately, if not immediately, to any email that I sent and always answered questions in full. She came across as a very professional, polite and friendly person and I would have no hesitation in recommending her. Many, many thanks to Claire! Kind Regards Mandy   


January 2015


Sonia & Matt, Thanks for this. You's are both very efficient. CS.


December 2014 (the chap is a Mancunian which may explain the spelling mistake).


Thanks Sonia, goodwork. Frank.


November 2014


Hi Sonia, Very impressed with the speed of the response. Look forward to working with you. Kind Regards, James

October 2014


Have just trawled through emails and I was right to recognise your voice, you have helped us before on a purchase back in 2010 ! Rhys


August 2014


Dear Sonia

Thank you very much for processing this matter so quickly. Kind Regards. M.R.


August 2014


Sold! Thanks for the prompt reply & your excellent informative website. I will be instructing your company. Kind regards, Tara


June 2014 (we've missed a few off here, but hopefully you're getting the gist that we're a responsible firm)


Hi Jon, Thank you so much for your help with this, I felt as though I was getting nowhere I have contacted X and a lady named Zoe has dealt with it and she is emailing our documents, thank you once again.  Sue


October 2013


Thanks Barnaby for your professional approach to our purchase of X (and please pass my Thanks also along to Derek). Natalie, thank for your prompt attention to our purchase of Y and Melina thank you for what I know will be your equally prompt attention to our needs going forward... Marc


September 2013


If I may, I would like to commend Emilie for her skill in handling my call this morning. She was very tactful and very supportive in dealing with what must have been a very unexpected query. I think that she was a very good ambassador for your organisation. Yours sincerely, Paul


November 2012


Thank you Matt!!! I can always rely on you!!!!!


August 2012


My husband instructed XXXX again (we are serial house buyers!) and they have been impressive yet again.


July 2012

Nice email from a client...



Thank-you for arranging the chalet for us so quickly, the estate agent stated it was the fastest one to go through.

I know it was a bit of a mess about with the lease and I appreciate the time you spent to get it done so quickly.

Once again many thanks


July 2012


A lady used one of our lawyers a couple of years ago. She recently went back to the solicitor she dealt with then. They wanted to charge her an extra £200. She came back to us & we got her the original price. ie. saving her the £200.


Many thanks, again, Jon


May 2012


You are a really good person. Thankyou for everything.


November 2011


Thanks very much for your efforts with this.


October 2011


Many thanks...really appreciate it.


September 2011


There was a problem with Searches - we intervened and got the costs dropped:


Dear Zoe, I am emailing you to say how delighted I am with your solicitors....the conveyance for my sale and purchase proceeded at a very acceptable pace... I would be happy to recommend your solicitors, to anyone.


August 2011


There were a few other comments but the email started with...


Hello Zoe, firstly let me say how happy I am with my new solicitor...


July 2011


thanks Emilie, appreciate that.


June 2011


...Matthew thanks for all your help today its appreciated.


February 2011


thanks Stephen you're a star


January 2011


You have kept us much more informed through our dealings with you (than another firm). Many thanks. We will most certainly recommend you to our friends and family.


December 2010


Stephen & Nikki. Apologies for the delay in responding to this email - yesterday was hectic ! Thank you to both of you for your efforts in resolving this problem so quickly. It is very much appreciated. Regards F...


November 2010


Dear Matthew, Thank you so much - a very speedy service! V...


October 2010



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