Please call us on 0345 603 0708, or email and we'll detail your Probate Options and the costs.


If you're currently in the the unpleasant situation where a person has died you'll want to sort out Probate, and agree the fees, as soon as possible.


Solicitors fees can vary for this work and it makes sense to shop around for the best deal... admittedly this isn't a pleasant job to do after a person's passed on.


If you would like we will nominate a solicitor to act as an Executor of the Will and we will confirm a fixed fee for dealing with the whole process.


We work on the basis that upon instruction there's a £99.00 fee and the remainder of the costs are taken from the proceeds of the Estate as they accrue. 


If this approach is of interest please don't hesitate to contact us.





General Background.


Probate is the right to deal with an individuals estate when they've died. 


This role is usually assumed by an Executor of the Estate. If an Executor hasn't been named then someone close to the individual can apply to administer the Estate.


Individuals who are granted Probate must adhere to the requests outlined in the deceaseds Will. As such they will deal with a persons assets, money and personal belongings.


If the person has died without a Will the Estate will be administered according to the laws of succession.


In a nutshell if you don't make a Will those left behind will face a long list of headaches trying to gain "letters of administration" to deal with the value of your assets. 


Please note, if a person has left less the £5,000 and all possessions were jointly owned with someone else then a "grant of probate" may not be needed. The Executor / Administrator will need to write to various institutions, including a copy of the death certificate, in order to gain further information regarding a persons assets. However if a person had shares, insurance policies, property, etc, then a grant of probate will usually be needed. 


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