PPI facts & figures

Who's been missold ?


The numbers vary but the suggestion is that there are millions of people who've been missold policies.


How much can I claim ?


It depends upon the value of any loans you've got. If you have a £10,000 loan you could recover £2,000 from the lender. The PPI percentages vary from around 13% to 56% of the loan amount.   


It's usual that a person will potentially have a couple of claims (ie. loan and credit card) hence you could recover a significant amount of money.


How much will it cost me ?


We operate on a No win No fee basis. You can instruct us and we'll do the spade work on your behalf by tracking down the policy details, pursuing the lender, chasing the payment and organising for the funds to be sent to yourselves.


If we're sucessfull our fee is 25% + VAT of the amount you've claimed. Therefore if we claim £2,000 on your behalf you'll pay us £500 +VAT and keep the remainder... if we succeed with your claim. 


I've paid off a loan with PPI... can I still claim ?




What do I have to do ?


We'll send you our pack & we'll walk you through the questions it raises. When we've got the paperwork back we'll contact the lender and starting fighting on your behalf. The process can take 6 weeks but it's generally a couple of months before we'll be able to recover any monies for you. 


Can I speed up the process ?


The lenders try to put obstacles in the way of a claim. If you've got your original documentation that will help speed up the process and we should be able to get you your monies sooner.


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