Payment Protection Insurance - reclaiming your premium

If you've been missold Payment Protection, on a credit card or loan, you can reclaim your premiums and an element of interest, too.


In order to determine whether you have been missold a PPI product the following questions are useful starting points; 

  1. Were you pressured into taking out a Payment Protection policy when you organised a loan or credit card ?
  2. Were you told that taking out a Payment Protection Policy would increase your chances of getting a loan or credit card ?
  3. Were you asked if you had any other cover in place that might protect you ?
  4. Were you either self employed, on a temporary contract or unemployed when you took out the loan ?
  5. Were you told cheaper options were available ?
  6. Were you told that cover might not be provided if you had an pre-existing medical conditions ?
  7. Were the Terms & Conditions fully explained to you ?
  8. Were you under 18 or over 65 ?
  9. Was PPI automatically added to your loan without your knowledge ?
  10. Did you work less than 16 hours per week ?
  11. Did you repay your loan before the end of it's term but not receive a PPI refund ?
  12. Single Premium PPI cover usually lasts for 5 years. If your loan was for longer than this were you advised that cover would "run out" ?

If these questions raise further questions we'll glady look into your case and advise accordingly.


The benefits of working with ourselves, if you decide to make a claim, are;


  • No upfront fees.
  • No win no fee.
  • Free advice
  • Our average claim is £2,500.00
  • We carry out the work ourselves & don't pass you along to a third party.

A few recent claims include...


Mr & Mr's Stitt - successfully claimed £21,930.72 - October 2012


Mrs Bainbridge - successfully claimed £19,245.26 - April 2012


Mrs Highfield - successfully reclaimed two amounts for £9,522.00 & £2,704.77 (loan & credit card) - November 2011


Mr Sonley - successfully reclaimed £10,734.00 - October 2011


Mr and Mrs Jones - Total amount refunded for 2 claims - £3,930.78, and awaiting a further offer to come through.
"We were entitled to sick pay by our employer and were not told the PPI was optional when we took out loans with Lloyds TSB"

Mrs Konama and Mr Duodu - Total amount refunded for their claim - £4,708.08
"I was self employed when I took out a loan with Barclays Bank. I was not informed by the sales advisor the policy would not cover me."

Miss Rollinson - Total refund for her claim - £3,246.35
"I was entitled to sick pay and was not informed by the advisor this could cover me instead of taking out the PPI."


We are regulated by the Claims Management Regulator (formerly referred to as the Ministry of Justice) in order to carry out claims management activities, and we'll work with you to recover the monies you're owed.


To start the ball rolling please either call us on 0345 603 0708 or email and we'll start your claim.


Hopefully we'll hear from you soon !




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