Dear sir,


Since my last email two lawyers have contacted us looking to buy into Practices.

Buying A Legal Practice


1) We have an established lawyer looking to either buy into a Criminal Law Practice or buy out a smaller firm. Areas of interest are Kent, Essex or the Hertfordshire areas. Ideally wants to move matters along in the next 2 weeks.


2) A Sole Practioner looking to purchase a London firm. Discretion is the key here but the gent currently carries out PI, Conveyancing, Family, Wills & Probate. Ideally we'd like to put him in contact with firms turning over less than £500k pa.

Conveyancing Referals & cases


We've historically provided Conveyancing Enquiries to the industry and have a potential vacancy on our panel.


In a nutshell we provide the Enquiries and it's down to you to convert them into cases. If you have a facility to follow up leads this could be an ideal opportunity to beef up your conveyancing numbers.

Franchise Opportunities


Do you refer Property Searches to a third party firm ? If you would prefer to keep that revenue, and profit, inhouse you might be interested in looking at a Legal Brokers franchise.


Intitially we could work with yourselves and provide searches whilst you get to know us....


Looking at things from a different perspective maybe you have staff members who'd like the idea of running their own Searches business alongside your Conveyancing department...


Alternatively if the company Principal decides to sell the Practice, at any point, keeping the Searches Revenue within the "group" will make the purchase all the more attractive to a potential buyer.

On two final points we've been approached to offer the services of a Law Cost Draughtsman firm. The promise is that they'll beat any prices you're currrently being offered in order to build a relationship. Interested ?

Secondly we're establishing a Contact team to cultivate Personal Injury cases & we'd be very interested in hearing from firms looking to take on more work.


If you carry out Conveyancing transactions we'll look to take onboard Search work in return for a lower PI fee... Worth a chat ?

For more details either call me on 0845 603 0708 or email via .

Regards & RSVP
Jon Hilton

Legal Brokers Ltd

Tel; 0845 603 0708


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