Dear sirs,


I'd like to briefly introduce three of the products Legal Brokers Ltd offers to the legal profession.

1. Buying & Selling Legal Practices


If you're thinking of buying or selling a practice please let us know.


We currently have a number of firms who are looking to sell in different parts of the country. At the same time if you're looking to expand, by merger or acquisition, we may be able to help.


At present we have access to Sole Practitioner firms looking to sell in Gloucester & Worcestershire. Plus a two partner practice in West Yorkshire and a Family Mediation firm in South Yorkshire.

2. Conveyancing Referals


We've historically provided conveyancing Enquiries to the industry and have a vacancy on our panel.


In a nutshell we provide the Enquiries and it's down to you to convert them into cases.


If this is of interest, great, we'd love to hear from you. Plus, as an introductory offer, we'll discount

our standard fees by 10% in order to get you onboard.


Possibly interested ?

3. Franchise Opportunities


Do you refer Property Searches to a third party firm ? If you would prefer to keep that revenue, and profit, inhouse you might be interested in looking at a Legal Brokers franchise.


Intitially we could work with yourselves and provide searches whilst you get to know us.... looking at things from a different perspective maybe you have staff members who'd like the idea of running their own business alongside yours...


Call us for more details.

I've tried to keep this reasonably concise and I'd welcome feedback regarding any of our services. ie. law firm sales, conveyancing enquiries, property searches, PI or PPI, ATE Insurance or Franchising.


Additionally If you'd like more information regarding our Round The World Flight ( please let us know... we're happy to offer you and your team a pleasure flight in our light aircraft as a way of introducing ourselves !


For more details either call me on 0845 603 0708 or email via .

Regards & RSVP
Jon Hilton

Legal Brokers Ltd

Tel; 0845 603 0708 


Providing a range of different services we are a multi-faceted business that can assist with online marketing, organic Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click advertising, Legal Recruitment, Property Searches, White Label Conveyancing, Franchising, Law firm sales, Fee Sharing and providing PII quotes.