Sole Practitioners

I'll try to keep this very brief.




  1. Have you been asked to provide a conveyancing service but aren't on the lenders panels ?
  2. Do you have a brand but want to be perceived as part of a larger entity ?
  3. Does your existing trading style need a slight revamp to measure up to the competition ?  


In reply;


  1. We can provide you with a white label conveyancing brand either under your name or our generic umbrella.
  2. We are working on our National Solicitors concept hence you'd be akin to "Smith & Jones. National Solicitors".
  3. We can supply a "refreshed" website & work on your general client presentation.

At this point you maybe a lawyer who's looking to protect his position, with a view to a later exit strategy, or a new 3 year PQE solicitor who wants to take on the world. 


In either scenario we'd love to work with you.


Please contact us on 0345 603 0708 or email


Jon Hilton

Legal Brokers Ltd

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