A few regularly asked questions;


  • What happens if I die without writing a Will ? It can take months, or in some situations years, to organise your affairs. Organising a Will can remove any unnecessary delays.
  • What can't I leave in a Will ? If you own a property with someone as a "Joint Tennant" upon your death your share of the property will go to the co-owner. If you own a property with someone else on a "Tennants in Common" basis you can leave your share of the property to whoever you wish. Life Insurance properties maybe written in Trust and therefore not form part of your estate. This can happen in order to fight Inheritance Tax. The same can apply to Pensions. You'll need to check your policies and take further advice.
  • What happens if one of my beneficiaries dies before me ? we'd suggest you make contingency arrangements in the Will !  
  • Can I leave a specific Gift or Legacy ?  You decide how much or how little you want to leave to those around you.
  • Donations to Charities ? All donations are tax free and can be used to reduce your Inheritance Tax liability.



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