Can I make a claim ?


By law you are entitled to compensation for a "non fault" accident. ie. if you've been injured as the result of someone else's negligence. This can mean claiming for bruising, cuts or soft tissue injuries such as whiplash.


Contact the Legal Brokers team if you feel you may have a case, but aren't sure.


Is there a time limit on submitting a claim for personal injuries ?


Yes, usually 3 years from the date of the incident or the diagnosis of the disability.


Should I have reported my injuries to my GP or hospital ?


When considering a Compensation claim it is always beneficial to have visited a health professional. Written records of the injuries you sustained as well as photographs are always a helpful tool in assessing damages.


Do we adhere to the Solicitors Introduction & Referral Code 1990 and what exactly is it ?


The Law Society, the solicitor's governing body, permits solicitors to make agreements with their introducing agents for referral work. Such agreements must comply with a code, known as the Solicitors Introduction and Referral Code, which contains rules to safeguard your interests as the customer.


We comply with the Solicitors Introduction and Referral Code published by the Law Society, and any solicitor to whom we refer you is an independent professional, from whom you will receive impartial and confidential advice. We are also regulated by the Ministry of Justice.


With regard to our costs these are paid by the solicitor and not via yourselves.


How can a claim cost me nothing ?


We only appoint solicitors who agree to enter into a Conditional Fee Agreement in relation to their legal costs and take out an Insurance Policy to protect you against any other potential costs.


If you are successful in your claim, then the responsible third party are required to pay ALL of your legal costs including the cost of your insurance premium. If for any reason you are unsuccessful in your claim the Insurance Policy will cover all the legal costs.

In this manner the claim costs you nothing, either way, and your rights are protected in law.


Who funds the insurance and disbursements ?


Your Appointed Solicitor provides funding. You are not responsible for any funding costs.


What cover does the Insurance Policy provide ?


In the event your claim is unsuccessful the Insurance Policy covers you for any liability in respect of legal costs, disbursements and the cost of the insurance premium.


Who will represent me with my personal injuries claim ?


One of our "panel" personal injury lawyers will be allocated according to the specialist nature of your injury or disability..


Will I have to visit a solicitors office ?


No. However you may visit the solicitor if you wish.


The Appointed Solicitor will instruct an Assessor who will arrange, a confidential, home visit to discuss your situation in greater detail.


How do I begin a claim ?


Either complete the Online form or call a member of the team on 0845 603 0708. 





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