Conveyancing Leads

We've been providing Conveyancing Leads to solicitors for over 10 years. It's a core part of our business and an area in which you could say we're experts.


We provide a level playing field for law firms in that we provide the platform and set the minimum fee so that no one firm, out of the four who pay to advertise, can pick up all the conveyancing transactions.


Our panel relies on the fact that we act as arbiters and make sure each firm we work with generates the kind of numbers that allow the work to be done profitably.


Our findings over the years have found that you're likely to pick up the same amount of work, by working with us, as putting your own site online. Why ? Because it's human nature that people shop around and within the confines of our site we provide the vehicle for individual buyers and sellers to do that.


The solicitors we work with tend to have a 5 to 15% conversion rate. And as we manage the whole Google process you can have the satisfaction of knowing that the fees we charge will not be subject to the kind of wild fluctuations we're forced to endure. ie. our costs rise and fall on a daily basis (that's the risk we take) whilst your enquiry fees remain constant "per enquiry form".


In terms of the process, individuals will receive quotes and then we schedule automated emails on your behalf to remind the client of the services you offer. 


If you'd be interested in discussing conveyancing leads or potentially having a free trial please don't hesitate to contact us on 0345 603 0708 or email



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Conveyancing Leads Providers 

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