Charity details.


The brief introduction is that I occassionally fly chaps around & will consider most things to raise cash for good causes. Ultimately I'm trying to fly Around The World in a very light aircraft and raise £100k for charity in the process.


Legal Brokers Ltd is funding all the costs and any monies you donate will go directly to charity. No monies will be kept aside to pay for the aircraft, fuel, insurance, hangarage, safety equipment etc etc. 

The aircraft we have is a Flight Design CTSW Microlight which complete with all the avionics etc would set you back £70,000 - she's about 18 months old now.


In a nutshell we're doing a good thing for a very good cause & would appreciate any support anyone feels able to offer.


The current Round the World record is held by two overseas chaps. These lucky buggers were military pilots who had the support of their airforce. Unfortunately Bolton doesn't have it's own airforce (damn Coalition cutbacks) so I won't be able to call on this calibre of support.


If, like me, you've a short attention span & just want to see a few pictures... check out the following Facebook folders.


This first album contains pic's of a few guys who've made a charity donation & I've flown them around as a thanks. Facebook1.   


This album has a few decent flying snaps. Some have been published in the Microlight magazines. One won the 2012 BMAA Picture of the Year Award. Facebook2.   


The last album holds a few pictures of myself and a chap called David Gaskell. We were fortunate enough to win the GPS catergory of the 2012 Round Britain Microlight Rally. Facebook3.  


To make a donation please go to and, when you have, I'll gladly fly you around as a thanks.




Jon Hilton

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