The title of this email about says it all.... does the market need an alternative to Quality Solicitors either in a competitive manner, to bring down costs, or for those firms who would like to join QS but another firm has been signed up in their area ?


From our perspective we started with a plan to offer a "lite version" of Quality Solicitors (website support & an element of marketing) but it seems there's also a need to offer our version of QS.

Hence we've bought the online rights to the name National Solicitors and intend doing just that... If this is of interest please read on.

We understand the Private Equity firm, behind QS, have set their sights on creating 1000 QS firms around the country.


Hence franchise firms will either join up or be excluded by virtue of another firm being onboard in that area. Either way having another alternative or rival to Quality Solicitors can't hurt. Competition is healthy. Plus you might want to defend your own marketshare and want something similar.


Having said that there are three "tweaks" we've added to our model.


Firstly, the concept is, as an example, "Smiths. National Solicitors". The tag line is "local knowledge, national strength".


Hence in our model the lawyers name comes first. At the same time you've worked hard to establish your own brand so why should you have to dilute it in favour of a marketing firm ?


A cynic might suggest that if any QS lawyer runs off with his secretary and takes the contents of the Client account at the same time.... all hell will break loose. Or a future Intervention happens. The publicity from either scenario could cripple a QS "style" brand. ie. one bad apple could be unhealthy to all.


At the same time with our name it's a Ronseal* type product. ie. it does what it says on the tin.... It's a name that doesn't need to be sold, explained or reinforced. It's easy to remember. A simple but effective approach.


* As an incidental comment Ronseal spent huge sums of money, and fifteen years of advertising, to get people to equate the name with their product. Great slogan, though.


Secondly, in return for the 5% of turnover, whilst we'll provide the web content, etc, etc, we'll target local clients for you. ie. national advertising can be a "scatter gun" affair and we'd prefer to target potential clients in your area. That's where your income will generally come from.


We'll also generate local telephone campaigns, in a MOJ approved manner, to either promote your firms profile or solicit (pardon the pun) Wills, Probate, PI or Commercial work etc, etc.


Thirdly, as a very simple chap, I look at the QS model and see the lawyers simply becoming "outlets" for QS. ie. the lawyers brand disappearing over time and leaving "Quality Solicitors" as the name that holds the value.


Having swapped emails with the SRA, and based on their reply, we would like to offer an ABS solution. In that way you're not dependent on a big brother type scenario which might make sense from a national perspective but might not suit your particular local needs.


Hence we work together to deliver the goals you're aiming for.....


We're looking to work with businesses whose turnover is less than £1million pa. Such firms will probably have looked at QS but be casting around for a different branding solution....


Interested to find out more ?

Conveyancing Enquiries for sale.


We're increasing our numbers and are looking for firms to help take the extra capacity. You'll need a member of staff to follow up the Enquiries but it can be a lucrative process if you have the correct procedures in place. Depending upon your infrastructure and ambition you could generate upto 50 cases per month.


Buying and selling law firms.


We've spoken to a gent in Watford who's closing his doors. Not a complicated saga but he's looking to act as a consultant rather than run the firm. The practice has been trading for 3 years. Very low PI cover. A good brand & website name.


Essentially it's a shell through which another lawyer could hit the ground running. Will consider offers.


Please contact us for more details or view the Legal Brokers website if you'd like to find out more.

And finally.... it doesn't matter where you are in the country if you're near an airfield I'll fly in and we can have a chat*.

For more details, on any of the issues raised here, please either call me on 0845 603 0708 or email via .


For an overview of LBL's development to date please check out the Franchise page on



Regards & RSVP


Jon Hilton

Legal Brokers Ltd

Tel; 0845 603 0708


* In an ideal world you'd make a £25 donation to our charity as a gesture of goodwill, though !



PS. If you like Monty Python and can stomach a swear word or two... I found the following video clip amusing.... It's vaguely relevant... You may or may not feel the same.... Enjoy...

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