Three things.

Firstly, we've been retained by a Birmingham Law Firm looking to either Merge their practice with a firm of similiar outlook, or possibly sell.


The current turnover is in excess of £1million and they deal in the following areas;


2.Residential Conveyancing
4.Commercial Conveyancing & Litigation

They hold Prison Law, Crime & Matrimonial Franchises. There's a strong management structure in place (the wise men) and they're looking to the future in terms of the changes in the market and their position in it.


Please contact me for further information.

Secondly, Searches & Personal Injury cases.... Quid Pro Quo...


We've historically provided Conveyancing Enquiries & Cases to the industry and we're currently looking to beef up our Personal Injury deliveries (so to speak).


In a nutshell, via previous mailings I've used the term Quid Pro Quo, we have a small panel of PI firms we like to deal with but we're looking to expand on this.


There's a catch though.


Part of our business is Property Searches and for us to work with yourselves we'd like to receive reciprocal search work as part of the deal.


We currently spend over £10k per month on our advertising and receiving additional sources of revenue, ie. your search instructions, helps us offset the additional costs we'll incur looking for PI clients.


If you're current search provider isn't offering anything in return, you don't want to Franchise yourself out (aka Qually Sols) but you do want to secure additional work... maybe we can work together.


What thoughts ?

Thirdly, Franchise Opportunities


Do you refer Property Searches to a third party firm ? If you would prefer to keep that revenue, and profit, inhouse you might be interested in looking at a Legal Brokers franchise.


Intitially we could work with yourselves and provide searches whilst you get to know us....


Looking at things from a different perspective maybe you have staff members who'd like the idea of running their own Searches business alongside your Conveyancing department...


Alternatively if the company Principal decides to sell the Practice, at any point, keeping the Searches Revenue within the "group" will make the purchase all the more attractive to a potential buyer.

For more details either call me on 0845 603 0708 or email via .

Final comment... if anyone wants a flight in our light aircraft I'll gladly float them around the skies for an hour... check out the site below... ie. I'll get to your nearest airfield.


As a last resort we could talk about work stuff but in general terms we could just have a fun time dodging clouds & sight seeing !


Regards & RSVP

Jon Hilton

Legal Brokers Ltd

Tel; 0845 603 0708

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