A quickie, chaps.

Our friends at Quality Solicitors start their TV advertising campaign on Sunday. It's going to last a while.

In a way this gives our National Solicitors brand a hand, so to speak.

A few brief thoughts come to mind.... if you'd rather not morph your brand into theirs. If you'd prefer to raise your own profile. If there's a QS firm near you and you want to compete. If you'd rather your marketing spend was targeted locally. If you want a solution to the changes to PI referral fees. If you want a cost effective marketing solution... then please think of us.

One of the quotes I read in their Gazette advert says, "A national brand for legal services is a brilliant idea". We'd like to think so.

There's a brief outline of what we're proposing on www.NationalSolicitors.com. Our full site should be live next week.

Hence if you see any "legal advertising", this weekend, please think National Solicitors & give us a call.....

Your Name. National Solicitors.

Local knowledge. National Strength.

Couple of things. 


1. We have law firms for sale in the Northwest, Midlands and London.


If you'd like to get a foothold in the legal sector we have a lovely lady in the Northwest we can point you too. For a larger practice we can point you to a three partner firm in Birmingham.


We've been contacted by a lady, with an LPC, who wants to invest upto £100k into a solicitors practice in the Maidehead, Berkshire area.


2. Property Searches

We're looking to increase our search numbers. We've carried out thousands upon thousands of searches and are looking for more work.


If you're interested in National Solicitors but want to get to know us prior to moving things along please contact us and we'll generate a log in. You can then see our pricing and get to grips with our automated ordering system.


If you're looking to order large quantities we can link directly into your systems. We'll price match against your current suppliers.


In some ways we can offset the revenue we're looking for from our National Solicitors plan in return for reciprocal business. ie. Searches..... Quid Pro Quo.


Please contact us for more details.

And finally.... it doesn't matter where you are in the country if you're near an airfield I'll fly in and we can have a chat. Ideally you'd make a £25 donation to www.justgiving.com/jon-hilton in return !


For more details, on any of the issues raised here, please either call me on 0845 603 0708 or email via jon.hilton@legalbrokers.co.uk .

Regards & RSVP


Jon Hilton

Legal Brokers Ltd

Tel; 0845 603 0708



www.nationalsolicitors.com (in development)




Providing a range of different services we are a multi-faceted business that can assist with online marketing, organic Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click advertising, Legal Recruitment, Property Searches, White Label Conveyancing, Franchising, Law firm sales, Fee Sharing and providing PII quotes.