We carry out property searches through out the UK on behalf of a host of Conveyancing Solicitors and Licenced Conveyancers.


The typical searches we provide are;


  • Local Authority Searches (personal & official)
  • Coal Searches (Con29M)
  • Water & Drainage Searches (Con29DW)
  • Environmental Searches
  • Commons Searches.

If a client has any particular needs (Tin searches in Cornwall or Brine in Cheshire, etc) we'll accommodate as required. We'll provide either "bundled" search packs or individual searches.


We have a standard set of prices but in certain parts of the country we can get slightly lower rates hence if you're able to contact us we'll provide you with pricing specific to your area.


As you would expect we're members of COPSO and carry the appropriate level of Indemnity Insurance.


To contact ourselves you can either call on 0845 603 0708 or email via searches@legalbrokers.co.uk.




Matt & the LBL team


We'll call you back !

Providing a range of different services we are a multi-faceted business that can assist with online marketing, organic Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click advertising, Legal Recruitment, Property Searches, White Label Conveyancing, Franchising, Law firm sales, Fee Sharing and providing PII quotes.